Purchase Area Baptist Association
Thursday, March 30, 2023

TDOM Eighteen Month Action Plan

The Transitional Director of Missions Ministry is somewhat different from the Transitional Pastor
Interim Ministry. In a pastor format, the work is with an individual church dealing with conflict,
church health, vision, and getting the church ready for God’s next chosen man in a four step process
that could take from six to eighteen months. The TDOM; however, is different in that there are sitting
pastors in most of the churches and the ministry is to the pastors and churches individually and
collectively. Therefore, the timeline of six to eighteen months would consist of some points happening
in the first stages of ministry and the others later or they may overlap.
The Plan:
1. Get to know the pastors and key lay leadership in the churches. This is a time to develop trust
    among the leadership and people.
2. Visit in the hospitals of the pastors and family members if permitted.
3. Attend services at each associational church and preach, teach or lead when asked.
4. Visit prospective pastors of churches that are not attached to an association or those that may
    be prospects for the Purchase Area Baptist Association.
5. Meet with the Associational Executive Committee and discuss:
     a. Reason The Purchase Area Baptist Association was formed and celebrate its history.
     b. What Biblical values drive the association?
     c. How is God at work in the association now?
     d. How can The PABA continue to join God in extending His Kingdom in Western
         Kentucky and beyond?
     e. Discuss purpose, vision, and an active plan to achieve cooperation and ministry
         involvement of the churches in togetherness.
6. Access church health in areas of Sunday School, Discipleship Training, Worship,
    Evangelism, Missions, and Fellowship in individual churches and make suggestions how
    church health could be achieved. The Kentucky Baptist Convention has many helps in these
    areas that the association can tap into.
7. Develop training and discipleship programs to help where needed.
8. Plan and execute short term mission projects involving associational churches in the process.
    KBC can also assist in this area.
9. Evaluate the associational constitution to see where improvements are needed.
10. Work with individual churches to help in conflict management and/or the loss of a pastor.
11. Promote team building among the associational leadership teams and training where needed
      and received.
12. Be a resource person and guide for churches wanting to start a new work.
13. Promote Bible Study and fellowship among pastors and lay persons to help in
      spiritual growth. This could include Bible study for pastor’s wives.
14. Help in the preparation for the selection of a permanent/part-time or fulltime
      Director of Missions.
How I see my function as a TDOM.
1. A pastors’ pastor
2. A missionary
3. A care giver (pastoral care/counseling/ conflict management)
4. A leader (leading/administration/preaching/teaching/training)
In Christ,
Dennis J. Manley