Purchase Area Baptist Association
Thursday, March 30, 2023

A Future Goal for PABA



I see God at work in the new church plants and revitalization churches in Western Kentucky.  They are different in ideology and function than many traditional churches, especially some larger churches that really see no need for an association.  The new churches however, need support and community with one another because they are in some cases struggling to reach their calling as a new work. The pastors equally need support and fellowship.  The larger churches can provide mission support through funds and personnel to help the other churches be on mission for Christ.   I believe this can all be accomplished through PABA.  I have spent the past 8 months developing relationships with pastors and churches not just to lure them into PABA but show them the benefits of being on mission together as a community of churches striving theologically and doctrinally in the same direction.   I have been able to be a resource person and provide training opportunities plus fellowship for some of our pastors.  I remember when I began a new work, I felt alone until the association helped us and really took an interest in what God was doing among us.  I guess what this really boils down to is that it takes time to develop the ministry among the churches and pastors that are either in PABA or are being recruited to be a part of what we are striving to be as an association…our mission, “It is the mission of the association to glorify God in a fellowship of churches which is obedient to the commission of our Lord, both individually and collectively; to minister as a servant team empowered by Jesus Christ among the churches of this association to help them fulfill their God given mission.”

In Christ,
Dennis Manley, Director of Missions

Purchase Area Baptist Association