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Tuesday, June 25, 2019

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The Magnificent Seven 
Dennis Manley, DOM, Zion’s Cause Baptist Church 
Dr. Jim Ewing, Pastor 1st Baptist Calvert City 
Pastor Jaime Masso, Primera Iglesia, Baptista, Hispana 
Tenia Barr, 1st Baptist Church Benton 
Jamie Gipson, 1st Baptist Church Benton 
Yaneth, Janette) Translator, Primera Iglesia, Baptista, El Consolador, El Triunfo 
Anhel (Angel), Translator, Refugio Igesia, Baptista 
Our mission trip began Saturday, July 7, 2018 and ended July 14, 2018.  We were met at the airport outside San Salvador by our inhouse missionary, Luis Romero and taken to Berlin where we spent all our nights except one in Jiquilisco. 
 On Sunday, we traveled to El Triunfo and Dennis preached in the AM.  Jaime, Tenia and Jamie spend the morning ministering to the 55 children present. We gave them volley balls and bracelets.  We returned to Berlin and Jaime preached the evening message at 1st Baptist Berlin.  After the service, there were children’s activities.  We gave them volley balls and bracelets.
On Monday, training began at 1st Baptist Berlin.  50 leaders from 6 churches gathered for the training.  Eighty- five children leaders and children were trained and given the gospel.  Training in basic discipleship by Pastor Jim, Relationships in Ministry by Pastor Jaime, and Administration by Bro. Dennis.  After lunch, we gathered for training on how to share the gospel with the multi-colored bracelets.  We then went out to the town square (park) and gave out Bibles and presented the gospel.   
On Tuesday, we traveled to San Miguel to an orphanage.  There were 27 children and 3 workers.  We stopped at San Miguel and bought pizza to take to the children.  Probably first time for them.  We gave them gifts, volley balls, bracelets, had children’s activities, and shared the love of Jesus. 
On Wednesday, we traveled to Jiquilisco to Jesus is Lord church.  We trained 30 leaders from area churches with the same format as in Berlin.  Children’s workers were trained with 27 children present. There were activities for the children.  Pastor Jim preached in the evening service at the church. 
On Thursday, we visited a middle school in Jiquilisco.  Church folks joined us and we split up into 3 teams and visited 6 class rooms totaling 225 youth.  We shared our stories and gave the gospel using the multi-colored bracelets. We gave volley balls to the principal for the school. There were 6 youth that were saved.  We visited in the local hospital.  We visited in the maternity ward and gave teddy bears to the new moms and children present.  We shared the love of Jesus.  That afternoon we visited 12 homes in the community around the church.  One lady was led to Christ by Bro. Jim. There was a special service held for the team by the church that evening and 4 persons from the home visits were there.  They presented certificates of appreciation to all the team.  NOTE:  At each church we provided ministry, the members were with us as we went out into their community and they led the way! 
Through your special love gifts, we were able to give the Word of God to many adults and children, we gave special study Bibles to some pastors who would never be able to afford them.  We gave gifts to children that in most cases, never had a Christmas gift of Birthday gift and they were overwhelmed by the generosity of your acts of love. 
Items that were given by the churches that included financial gifts to purchase some gifts: 
Bibles, Multi-colored volley balls and regular balls, hand made pillow cases and teddy bears, multi-colored bracelets and tracts, suit cases, toys, t-shirts, backpacks, and special gift bags from North Side Baptist Church Christian School in Mayfield.  
Friday was a day of traveling to the airport in San Salvador with a stop at a volcano! 
Thank you churches of PABA for allowing our team to experience “God at work” as we were sent out by you to share the love of Jesus with the people we ministered to in El Salvador. There is much more I could include in this report, but we will give a power-point presentation with testimonies from some team members at our September PABA Executive Board Meeting. 
Dios le Bendiga (God Bless You!) 
Bro. Dennis, DOM