Purchase Area Baptist Association
Thursday, March 30, 2023

July 21, 2022 Executive Committee Meeting




During our meeting, I asked some pastors to share what God has been doing    in their churches this past year in ministering to the churches and people due to the tornado disaster on December 10,2021.

1.     Community Fellowship Church, Mayfield, has been a distribution resource center for disaster relief. Their pastor Dr. Allen Davidson has not only overseen this ministry but is a Volunteer Coordinator that helps those who wish to volunteer their time and skills in the recovery and rebuilding process in Mayfield and Graves County related to the tornado destruction.

2.     Pastor David Little, Dexter Baptist Church, has led in a disaster resource center and has housed “Praying Pelicans” and other groups as they have come to help in disaster relief.

3.     Interim Pastor Dr. Steve Freeman, East Marshall Baptist Church was hit by the tornado and is now in the rebuilding process. Teams have assisted in this effort.

4.     Pastor Dr. Faris Sahawnew, Hardmoney Baptist, was assisting Yahweh Baptist, Pastor Bob Waldridge and New Visions Ministry, Pastor Gregg Hussey, with a place to worship and operated a distribution center after the tornado destruction.

5.     Pastor Bob Walters, Yahweh Baptist Church shared how it has been a daily struggle since their church building was destroyed in the tornado. They have purchased 5 acres near the Mayfield airport and plan to rebuild there.

6.     Dr. Charles Frazier, Zion’s Cause Baptist Church led the distribution center and worked with Illinois Baptist Disaster Relief, Kentucky Baptist Disaster Relief and other teams serving  in the Marshall County area.

7.     Pastor Jaime Masso, Primera Iglesia Bautista Hispana, was instrumental in meeting needs of the Hispanic Community in Mayfield after the destruction. He operated a distributor center and housed and fed teams that came to Mayfield to help.

8.     Pastor Jeremy Hudgin provided leadership for a distribution center to the people affected by the storm in Marshall County.


Pastor Clint Gentry, Elm Grove Baptist Church, Dr. Toby Dehay, Kentucky Baptist Convention, Church Planting & Development Associate, and I went on a vision trip in March to Manchester, Kentucky to see how we could help “John Boo Smith” church planter, in the future. He has a special ministry to young people, IMPACT OUTDOOR MINISTRY in a drug infested community that needs Jesus.


As the donations came in from churches, associations, and individuals, I have distributed the money to meet the greatest needs.

At the end of Pastor Bob’s Walters sharing, Pastor, Dr. Jim Ewing, treasurer, and I presented Bro. Bob a check for $10,000 to help as they begin the rebuilding process.


Thank you, pastors, and churches of the Purchase Area Baptist Association for your prayers and giving to the ministry of PABA. 

The grace of Jesus Christ be with you,

Dennis Manley, Association Mission Strategist
Purchase Area Baptist Association